Axis 460 Rear Wing


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Axis 460 Flat Pump Carbon Rear Wing

foil Pump specific

The Axis 460 Rear Wing combines superior speed with versatility, making it the perfect choice for a variety of disciplines! Its flat profile and 60mm chord provide increased performance while downwinding.

This amazing carbon rear wing can be used for Pumping, SUP foil, SURF  foil, and wake foiling, giving you an extraordinary range of options when choosing your activity. Furthermore the Axis team includes with the 460 stab a  free padding to protect it from transportation damages.

Axis 460 Rear Wing Features:

  • WINGSPAN: 460 mm / 18.11 in
  • CHORD: 60 mm / 2.36 in
  • ASPECT RATIO: 9.45
  • ACTUAL AREA : 227.2 cm² / 35.22 IN²
  • PROJECTED AREA: 223.87 cm² / 34.70 IN²
  • VOLUME: 81.39 cm³ / 4.97 IN³


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