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 High Strength Aluminium mast 19mm by AXIS

Please welcome the new generation of foil masts! Axis foil produces its hydrofoil sets using the best aluminium available on the market.

Designed to the entire Axis Foil line, these sturdy 19mm wide and ready-to-go aluminium hydrofoil mast will give you extra control over your hydrofoil, with a very direct feeling.  Compared to a 15mm, the stiffness ratio of the Axis 19mm Mast is increased by 224% .


available SIZES:

  • Axis 1050mm (41.3in): ideal for speed kite and wing foiling, down-the-line foiling in big waves , and heavier riders.
  • Axis 900mm (35.4in): ideal for big waves, tow-in foiling, but also good for standard wingfoil, windsurf and kitesurf conditions.
  • Axis 820mm (32.3in): the most used mast size in the Axis foil range, it is ideal for wingsurfing, SUP, and dock starts. The 820mm mast size will never disappoint!
  • Axis 750mm (25.5in): this size is used most for dock start surfing and SUP foiling, it performs very well also in wingsurfing for riders who like shorter masts.
  • Axis 680mm (26.8in): the most popular mast size among prone surfers and sup foilers
  • Axis 600mm (23.6in): this size is ideal for beginners if you are looking to start hydrofoiling or if you are an improver.
  • Axis  450mm (17.7in): perfect for shallow water hydrofoiling.

The Suggestions of the Axis foil Team:

AXIS 19MM MAST Features:

  • Super stiff aluminium foil mast
  • Best quality aluminum on the market
  • Different lengths available
  • 19mm thickness, 224% stiffer than the standard 15mm masts
  • Perfect for windsurfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and dock starts.
  • Top quality product at a good value for your money!



We’ve been really enthusiast to test the new Axis foil range and all we can say is that these products come at an amazing good value for your mone, you need to try!


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