Axis Power Carbon High Modulus Mast


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Axis high modulus mast

The stiffest carbon mast on the market

The Axis High Modulus Mast is the Axis Foils biggest innovation after the Axis ART front wing. These high aspect ratio foils feature a bigger wing span that create a higher load on the mast, and that’s why Axis foil decided to produce possibly the stiffest mast ever built,  designed as a single piece mast with the base plate is integrated in it, thus reducing drastically torsional flex and also the drag of a multi joint pieces construction.  Finally, a new fuselage connection reduces unwanted movements, making it super reactive. From the Axis Powe Carbon High Modulus mast you can expect max feedback, responsiveness and strength !


The Axis High Modulus mast is available in 4 Sizes:

  • 750mm
  • 820mm
  • 900mm
  • 1020mm

Axis Power Carbon High Modulus mast features:

  • 35% stiffer than  Axis Foil Aluminium masts
  • One-piece construction for extra strength (the baseplate is integrated into the mast)
  • Redesigned fuselage connection
  • Must have for the Axis ART front wing  series and big PNG Foils
  • Available in 4 lengths


mast connection system:

The AXIS Power Carbon Masts feature a new and highly improved base connection design. that requires a new installation technique: you simply need to insert the mast leading edge first into the fuselage opening, then you just rotate the trailing edge down. Removal is done in reverse, so the trailing edge rotates out first. It’s actually easier to do than to explain, see the animation below!

Note: All the AXIS power carbon masts are fully compatible with all existing Red & Black fuselage, but please remember to use only 30mm M8 bolts to attach the fuselage to mast.

AXIS Foils Power Carbon Mast Assembly



Thanks to the above explained one-piece design with the top plate integrated into the mast, the  Axis high modulus carbon mast is super resistant and stiff. If you are looking to upgrade your Axis foil kit and you are used to foiling using with high-aspect front wings, then the Axis Power Carbon High Modulus mast will definitely improve the connection between you and the hydrofoil by reducing any unwanted torsion caused by high aspect ratio front wings, particularly if you are a heavy rider.


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