Axis Progressive Rear Wing (stabilizer)

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The Axis Rear Wing progressive stabilizer has been developed with turns in mind. Its flat-shaped design with subtle down-turned tips offers a loose and fluid feeling and lots of grip in the turns. Offering good speeds with insane turning ability, this line of hydrofoil stabilizer wings caters for intermediate to advanced foilers and fits perfectly the PNG, BSC, HPS, and ART front wing series. If you are looking to improve your carves and step up your surfing skills, this rear wing is exactly what you need !


sizes available:

The different sizes will suit all types of riders. Choose a bigger one if you’re less experienced or opt for a small one if you’re an advanced foil addict.

  • 300/61
  • 350/63
  • 375/64
  • 400/65
  • 425/66
  • 450/67
  • 475/68

Axis Progressive Rear Wing Features:

  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Flat profile design
  • Increased turn ability for easy carving
  • Compatible for the PNG, HPS, BSC and ART front wings


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