Fanatic Carbon Mast and Fuselage Hydrofoil Set

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Fanatic Mast & Fuselage  Set

If you’re looking to take your (foiling) sailing game up a notch or two – our new Carbon Masts and Fuselages are here for the taking! With over 2 years of R&D, these carbon products don’t just look good, they’re strong enough to handle anything you throw at them. Our design team went through intense research – running all sorts of simulations with attention to detail and numerous hours of on-the-water testing. We wanted to make sure these carbon masts and fuselages both feel solid in performance while being able to take what comes their way due to how aggressive some riders can be when it comes down to air sailing. With 5 length options for each product type and 3 colors per product type, there’s something here for every kind of sailor: choose based on skill level, preferred style/discipline, and conditions at hand.


  • 60/68 cm
  • 60/78 cm
  • 60/90 cm
  • 75/68 cm
  • 75/78 cm
  • 75/90  cm
  • 82/68 cm
  • 82/78 cm
  • 82/90 cm
  • 90/68 cm
  • 90/78 cm
  • 90/90 cm
  • 105/78 cm
  • 105/90 cm


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